Is Colorbond Roofing Much better Than Concrete Tiles? It Relies upon On Style, Lifestyle and Price range

In Australia, roofing materials typically fall into considered one of two opportunities: concrete roof tiles; or corrugated metal roofing with a bonded paint finish (recognised in Australia as Colorbond, or CB) roofing sacramento . Which option is best in your situation? Both will hold the climate out, so weigh up the factors beneath ahead of you select.

A bit of Record: The strategy of bonding paint to some galvanized foundation originated in Chicago, and was more produced in Australia into a product that has impressive corrosion resistance and is particularly aesthetically intriguing: Colorbond©. It comes in many conventional colours and is immune to the weather. Whereas a galvanized corrugated roof may very last twenty years, a Colorbond roof might have a 50 12 months lifetime or for a longer time.

Terra cotta tiles also are a choice; they virtually past without end. Imagine archaeological dig. There are illustrations of terracotta roofing that were about for 1000s of several years. Nonetheless it really is about double the price of a concrete tile roof.

For our functions, we are going to evaluate concrete roof tiles and Colorbond roofing, and may aim on Melbourne disorders. Both of those products and solutions do an admirable work at what they’re suitable for (keeping the temperature out). Concrete roof tiles are already used in Melbourne for a minimum of seventy five several years and you’ll find many homes in more mature suburbs like Heidelberg and Camberwell that still have their authentic concrete tile roofs.

Why would you choose a person merchandise more than yet another? It comes down to particular flavor, way of living, a couple of other things… and price.

Architectural Advantage: This can be a particular make any difference. Colorbond provides a contemporary trendy appear with clean up strains. On the other hand, you will discover many concrete roof tile profiles that give a different architectural outcome than the usual regular half-pipe tile. For any little addition in selling price, you could possibly (as an example) pick out a flat shingle design and style. You will find also lots of colours in concrete roof tiles.

Sounds: This can be an essential thing to consider. Insulation and ceiling notwithstanding, you are going to hear rain on the Colorbond roof. Though we’d consider of raindrops slipping on the metal roof to be a nice audio, it may be disturbing to lots of people, specifically in large downpours. Tile roofs tend to be quieter.

Water Assortment: In order for you to collect roof drinking water within a tank for home use, Colorbond is definitely the very best selection. You may harvest much more drinking water mainly because concrete tiles possess a amount of absorbency. Also they have a tendency to keep dirt, dust and so on which washes in the drinking water tank. During the recent ten year drought in Melbourne, residence owners had been encouraged to collect rain h2o for residence use. This motivated the need for Colorbond roofing.

Bodyweight: Colorbond is usually a fraction of the bodyweight of a concrete tile roof (10% for being precise!) So your roof framing might be much lighter. Also, a Colorbond roof isn’t any heavier moist than dry. A concrete tile roof will absorb water just before it runs off, so a soaked tile roof is heavier and engineering technical specs need to have to permit for this.

Rodents: It is more simple to generate a Colorbond roof pest-proof by nature with the way the item is installed.

Bushfire: Melbourne is usually a town adversely influenced by summer season bushfires. If you are developing during the outlying fire-prone locations, BAL (Bushfire Assault Degree) regulations could make it inside your fascination to select a Colorbond roof, because they are easier to seal from external ember assault.

Resilience: If you need persons to climb on the roof for upkeep causes, Colorbond is a lot more resilient. On the other hand, if you want to penetrate the roof (as an illustration to get a vent or air con) this could be costlier with CB.

Eaves or Veranda. In case you have substantial verandas or eaves, a Colorbond roof are going to be far more fascinating as a result of its lighter excess weight. With verandas you desire a shallower roof pitch, which can only be accomplished by some form of sheet roofing. Normally roof tiles aren’t recommended on a roof pitch of significantly less than 20 degrees. And because Colorbond is really a descendant of old-fashioned corrugated metal, this delivers the standard Australian veranda appear.

Cost: Concrete tiles are above 20% more affordable than Colorbond, which is why extra than 90% of properties designed in Melbourne have a very concrete tile roof. The marketing may well have you imagine that CB is as low-cost as tiles, but this is not the case. Designers often like Colorbond. A person shopper compensated to possess programs drawn up by a designer. When looking for quotes, they had been horrified to check out a large number of pounds added for a Colorbond roof, once they in fact most popular a traditional tile roof.

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